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Mo = mosaic of specialized contract manufacturers and partners
Symphony = synchronized operations with your partners
Mosymphony has really enabled us to get a deeper view into the CMO operations as we never would have imagined. With increased trust and superior collaboration, all of us have become better partners. We, already, are on our way to realize payback on the investment!
Shilpa Naik
The Vice President of External Manufacturing

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Mosymphony is an innovative and powerful platform that provides an end-to-end manufacturing collaboration hub for Pharma Sponsors and CMOs.

What Is The Purpose Of Mosymphony?

To connect pharma sponsors and contract manufacturers on the same platform to enable seamless information exchange, operating visibility and compliance.

How Does Mosymphony Work?

A collaborative dashboard built using blockchain technology provides organizations with a holistic view of the entire contract manufacturing process.

What Is The Result Of Using Mosymphony?

Streamlined workflows, elimination of process delays and transparent data sharing resulting in building of trust between Sponsors and CMOs.

Have A Look at the Dashboard

Reduce manual processes with automation

Proactive identification and handling of quality events like deviations by collaborative monitoring of manufacturing data and exceptions – no last minute surprises!

Meet Our Clients

Companies using it presently

Process Visibility

End-to-end visibility into the product lifecycle.

Quality & Compliance

Ensure compliance with FDA regulations, every time.


Share data and communicate with partners in real time.

Intelligent decisions

Actionable insights from analytics of captured data.

Data Integrity

A single source of truth available to all partners.

Operating Efficiencies

Reduce manufacturing failures and product recalls.

Inventory Management

Continuous monitoring of RM/PM at CMO sites.

Data Privacy & Security

21 CFR & GAMP 5 compatible with role-based user access.

Seamless Integration

Robust integrations with resident enterprise systems.

Are you Pharma Sponsor?

If you’re a pharma company outsourcing small or large-molecule drugs, Mosymphony is there every step to provide you visibility and control over your product during its manufacturing lifecycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your suppliers have to deal with mutual issues, documents, incidents and changes on an ongoing basis. Today, they’re doing this via email, phone calls, etc. which is painful and inefficient for both parties. You have gotten them to accept that being barraged with dozens of emails is an acceptable practice. The world has moved on to better ways of addressing these problems.

Schrocken customers have had been able to sign up more than XXX suppliers to collaborate through MoSymphony. Suppliers find that MoSymphony ensures they know what is expected of them by their customers and exactly who to work with.

Schrocken removes several barriers for the supplier: 1) We do not charge per supplier nor limit the number of users that a supplier can have (Confirm but, a strong selling point) 2) We provide onboarding and training to the supplier teams 3) We’re not asking the supplier to spin up an IT project or do any integration to use MoSymphony. The process is somewhat like you and I connecting on LinkedIn. 4) There is significant value to the supplier. We have had suppliers use this with their customers and suppliers as it helps them manage their own supply networks. 5) The MoSymphony Commercial Team is available as a resource to call on reluctant suppliers on behalf of a prospect/customer to help the supplier see the value of MoSymphony from there perspective. Big suppliers likely have hundreds of customers with a different means of communication — MoSymphony is their opportunity to standardize on one platform.

MoSymphony is very quick and easy to deploy, with no lengthy customizations and integrations required. MoSymphony’s brand new UI is easy to use and speeds adoption. Schrocken will onboard your suppliers at no cost (what is the cost?), and we have a dedicated teams that will train and support them. Nearly xxx pharma manufacturers and nearly xxx CMO/CPO’s are already on the Schrocken network. This means many of your suppliers’ customers might already be on the network, so these suppliers may find it advantageous to collaborate with their other customers.
MoSymphony is a cloud solution so needs minimal support from your IT organization. It’s also very quick and easy to deploy, with no lengthy customizations and integrations required. So it doesn’t require a massive enterprise software implementation that needs to wait for IT resources to free up.
Schrocken offers proven interfaces with ERP and supply chain systems (including XXX, and others), manufacturing/packaging visioning systems, warehouse management systems, edge and mobility systems, and other systems including bespoke systems.
MoSymphony is a secure, multi-enterprise incident tracking system with specific data structures and workflow designed to ensure that the right information is collected in order to evaluate, track and resolve incidents. Your helpdesk system is designed to be used internally and collects most data in a freeform text file.

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