About Schrocken

At Schrocken, we are all about collaboration in the life sciences industry. Our innovations empower stakeholders in the industry to engage with their partners with trust and transparency, to ultimately deliver effective healthcare outcomes to the patient community.
We use emerging technologies such as Enterprise Blockchain, Analytics and Cloud to develop breakthrough SaaS solutions.

Values We Stand By


Providing excellent data, visibility and control for improving business processes.


Providing critical information in real time to help you manage your business more effectively.


To create a secure and centralized ecosystem that you can trust.

Who are we?

Schrocken helps enterprises manage outsourcing with the same Operating Visibility & Control as internal execution.
We provide a robust & secure platform for pharmaceutical brands to systematically manage & maintain interactions between internal teams and CMOs.
We work with you to accelerate your Digital Initiatives helping you harness the power of our platform to create ecosystems that will provide better control, interaction, and visibility of your manufacturing process. We help you save valuable time and money in managing teams and stakeholders.

Schrocken is a multi-tenant platform where every ecosystem anchored by you (Schrocken’s enterprise customer), is secure & private with trusted and private communications with ecosystem partners!

Executive Team

Sanjay Kuberkar

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Board of Directors

Steve Wain

Founder, Quentelle LLC

Sanjay Kuberkar

Experienced Executive
KPMG, Cisco, iBot Controls,

Uday Baldota

CEO, Taro Pharmaceuticals

Strategic Advisors

Samir Mitragotri

Professor of Bioengineering, Harvard University, Member of National Academies of Medicine, Engineering
and Inventors, Serial Entrepreneur

Raheel Retiwala

Chief Strategy Officer at Productive
Edge, Digital Business Consulting,
Technology Strategy, IoT, Data &
Analytics, Automation, Cloud, Author

Hussain Mooraj

Cell & Gene Therapy

Practice Lead at Deloitte

Tawfique Hamid

Enterprise Sales
SAP, TradeIX, Bolttech