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We help enterprises outsource manufacturing with transparency, control, and compliance adherence.

Schrocken Award

Awarded one of the Top 5 products at NASSCOM Product Conclave

Frictionless user experience, and innovative Enterprise Blockchain tech stack. Connect with us to explore how our Outsourcing offering can help you disrupt!


Pharma Contract Manufacturing Platform

Why settle for a partial view of your supply chain, when you can use Mosymphony for 100% visibility into all the KPIs that matter from each supplier?

Schrocken’s Mosymphony helps global pharmaceutical brands manage contract manufacturing and minimize losses due to transparency, control and compliance. 

Contract Manufacturing solution

Internal Manufacturing = External Manufacturing

Data Integrity and Trust
Brings Compliance

Identical purchase order, inventory, batch, and quality data wherever you look – in your system or at the CMO. No data disputes.

Consistency of Execution
Brings Control

You and your ecosystem members share the same plan and execution details. No disconnects.

Transparency of Supply Chain
Brings Visiblity

Monitor entire supply chain with ease, including GRNs at your LL contract manufacturers

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