FDA Should Redefine “Security” of Drug Supply Chain

Today I was planning to delve deeper into how outsourcing would be executed effectively in regulated industries such as Defence, Aerospace, Healthcare and Life Sciences. However, with the emerging COVID-19 situation, I decided to write on a more pertinent and urgent topic – the security of the drug supply chain, not only in times or […]

Outsourcing in Regulated Industries

Corporations outsource business activities to external partners for a variety of reasons – cost, flexibility, time to market, and core competence. Both manufacturing and services industries outsource extensively. While outsourcing certainly imparts competitive advantage to the corporation, outsourcing has downsides too: Several factors influence the process of outsourcing. Some key factors are: Core vs. Non-core […]

Nature of Business Ecosystems

This week we return to our theme on the factors underlying outsourcing in regulated industries. Just to recap, the combination of outsourcing and regulation requires suppliers and sponsors to enter into a relationship that results in formation of a Business Ecosystem. Contrasted to less regulated industries, regulated industries run higher risks when outsourcing, and have […]

Re-imagining Trust in Outsourced Manufacturing

A running joke going around today in professional networks is that the CFOs are the happiest lot with onset of COVID-19, what with their travel costs being cut down dramatically. Employees, partners, customers, suppliers, and even governments have encouraged leveraging online collaboration solutions to execute business. More than 150 universities in the US have shifted […]