We build platforms to address the inefficiencies of contract manufacturing


Who are we?

Schrocken helps enterprises manage outsourcing with the same Operating Visibility & Control as internal execution.

We provide a robust & secure platform for pharmaceutical brands to systematically manage & maintain interactions between internal teams and CMOs.

We work with you to accelerate your Digital Initiatives helping you harness the power of our platform to create ecosystems that will provide better control, interaction, and visibility of your manufacturing process. We help you save valuable time and money in managing teams and stakeholders.

Schrocken is a multi-tenant platform where every ecosystem anchored by you (Schrocken’s enterprise customer), is secure & private with trusted and private communications with ecosystem partners!

Simplifying enterprise collaboration for pharmaceutical brands

We have been backed as an Innovative Product by Cisco, Accenture, Microsoft & NASSCOM

Schrocken is accelerated by Accenture Ventures, Cisco Launchpad and Microsoft. We have been chosen has Top 5 products showcased at NASSCOM conclave 2019.

Our executive team

Sanjay Kuberkar

IIT Kanpur, IIM Ahmedabad

KPMG, Cisco, iBot, Boeing
Hyderabad, India

Yogendra Chordia

IIT Kanpur

Cisco, Applied Materials, Sun, NetApp
San Jose, CA, US

To create value and efficiency is what we work for

Our mission for our customers

Help enterprises manage outsourcing with the same Operating Visibility & Control as internal execution.

Enterprise-grade Blockchain connects all partners in this business ecosystem of Pharmacos and CMOs. Smart Contracts power the business logic for update of status of PO, PO Lines, Batches, and other business objects.

What we wanna do

Provide excellent data, visibility and control for improving business processes

Perform superior downstream planning for marketing, and at the same time project critical (exception management) control over CMO operations.

Maximizing value and utility to be real-time, drive business decisions, and perform business operations

Create core business assets

Critical information in real-time to help you mange your business.

Contracts are business tools and contracting software needs to be beneficial for an entire organisation, not just legal operations teams. We want to make contracts useful tools for all business functions.

Secure and centralised

Your ecosystem trusts you, and you trust your ecosystem partners.

We use Blockchain technology that gives you control over who joins the ecosystem. In fact, you invite each member of the ecosystem.

Please contact us at: hello@schrocken.com