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Outsourced = In-house Manufacturing with Mosymphony, an award winning software platform

Mosymphony helps pharmaceutical brands manage contract manufacturing with the same operating visibility, control and compliance as internal manufacturing.

Contract Manufacturing solution

Internal Manufacturing = External Manufacturing

Data Integrity and Trust
Brings compliance

Identical purchase order, inventory, batch, and quality data wherever you look – in your system or at the CMO. No data disputes.

Consistency of Execution
Brings control

You and your ecosystem members share the same plan and execution details. No disconnects.

Transparency of Supply Chain
Brings visibility

Monitor entire supply chain with ease, including GRNs at your LL contract manufacturers

CoAs and BPRs
Immutability Builds Trust

Certificate of Analysis, Batch Production Records and other key documents are immutably stored, and are accessible for future reference and audit.

Smart Contracts
Enforce Business Rules

Enforce business rules and constraints through Smart Contracts. For example, prevent shipping before CoA is checked into Mosymphony.

Aligned with FDA Guidelines
21 CFR Part 11 & GAMP compliant

Audit Trail, Digital Signatures, and Access Control enforces per 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines and software developed as per GAMP processes.

What’s in it for the CMO?

Quality and supply agreements executed through workflows

CMOs can execute the critical steps of the Quality & Supply Agreements through
a workflow

Visibility across every workflow stage and process.
Complete quality & visibility of CMO who acknowledges, accepts, schedules and manufactures the product.

Salient features

Benefits to all stakeholders

Documented evidence that the agreement was executed
21 CFR Part 11 compliant
So simple to use, the CMO has almost no training required

What few of our customers are saying

"No longer will we need to have weekly meetings and manually updated project plans to understand the status of our supply"

VP of Supply Chain BioPharma

"I've been concerned on how we can move quality documents to our system of record in our official Quality System until I saw Mosymphony"

VP of Quality Biotech

“The team sees the potential that Mosymphony can bring and is excited to start gaining the benefits once implemented.”

CDO of Global Generics Manufacturer
Mosymphony helps create  
 supply chain management

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